bordeaux gironde


Discover Bordeaux in Gironde

A gorgeous tour of private mansions, imposing residences, monumental arches and facades, this circuit demonstrates the incredible constructions by Intendant Tourny and his successors in the 18th century.

Bordeaux, strolling through the UNESCO heritage sites…

  • 1- Grand Théâtre
    At the Grand Théâtre, the Cours du Chapeau-Rouge is the most royal area of the tour with neo-classical canons.
  • 2- Place de la Bourse
    Opening onto the river, Place de la Bourse was the first great achievement of Bordeaux’s urban planning in the 18th century.
  • 3- Porte Cailhau
    Then you see Porte Cailhau rising from the quays, a Renaissance arch built in 1494 to the glory of King Charles VIII.
  • 4- Grosse Cloche Bell Tower
    The highlight of this tour is the Grosse Cloche Bell Tower, which symbolized the municipal authority and arms of the city in medieval times.
  • 5- Pey-Berland Tower
    The Saint- André Cathedral and Pey-Berland Tower are two major monuments that together form a beautiful ensemble in a pedestrian area.
  • 6- Rohan Palace
    As you head back to Place Gambetta, you will see the old Archiepiscopal Palace on your left. Rohan Palace is surrounded by a courtyard and garden and became the City Hall in 1835.